Jenna is insightful, concise and above all constructively honest. She gives excellent quality feedback on writing projects and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services.
— Paul D.
I’ve always felt that a critique from an active writer is the most valuable. Jenna is superbly skilled at finding where the flow in writing stalls—whether it’s due to word choice, plot holes, or sentence structure. She has given feedback on my work numerous times and I always appreciate her thorough and accurate suggestions. If you are looking for someone who will help your words shine and keep your reader glued to the page, then Jenna is the one you are looking for.
— Craig J.
Jenna has an incredible talent for editing suspense. She made concrete developmental edit suggestions to keep my action moving with clues that stayed one step ahead of the reader. She also helped me with changes to dialog structure and tagging that made a huge impact on keeping the exchanges tight and lively.  And she is an absolute pleasure to work with always keeping a positive attitude and believing in your story when you most need a boost.
— Alexis L.
Jenna has the skills to see the big picture while she hones in on the details. Her feedback has really helped me grow as a writer.
— Michelle K.